Monday, 6 July 2009

how-to article

And here's the last in a series of How-Tos I did for Last Hours magazine when it was a print zine. Unlike the others, this is more of an article than a comic - it was a bit of a struggle to fit so much information into 2 pages so it's more text heavy than I prefer for zine layouts. The other how-tos I did were 'How to pee standing up', 'How to make DIY tattoos' and I did a 'How to build a pizza oven' for another zine. Then I ran out of shareable skills. I think the DIY tattoos one is getting put in a book but not through any effort of my own - I'm pretty bad at self-publicity.

Anyway, here's the article, click on it to read the text. I put this together when I was living on a narrowboat which was easily one of the most challenging places to draw/make stuff because of the lack of space and storage for clippings and materials. I'm about to move back there, yay!

quick collage

A birthday collage for a vegan friend. Two woodcuts out of a library book pasted together and then photocopied to make it slicker - who needs Photoshop, eh?

Scuse 6 months between last post and this one - balancing working in A&E, a precarious housing situation and as many climbing trips as I can get in while its sunny hasn't left much time for trooping around getting my camera, a lead and a computer in the same place.