Thursday, 8 October 2009

flyers, 2006

Just found another old flyer, this one's from 2006. (click on all to view bigger)

And here's some cut and paste

These are all from gigs at Matilda, a squat venue I was involved with from 2005-6. It's a whole 'nother blog really, but you can see the bands we put on here.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Nazdrove 2nd anniversary flyer

Here's a low-quality image of another Nazdrove poster I made. I've actually done another since then which I can't find a picture of anywhere. Pretty into the continuing theme of red and black printing on cream paper, with that font (Red October off Although I think this is on bright white paper because Footprint were out of cream and I was doing it last minute, again.

Details you can't see on this tiddle pic - Black Flag badge, 'Play Fast, Dance Dirty' on the accordion, prison hand tattoos and Romany flag belt buckle. I try and get the Romany flag into most of my Nazdrove stuff because I think that gypsy culture gets ripped off pretty much wholesale and boiled down to gold teeth-trilby hats-fast music-Gogol Bordello with no regard to the fact that Roma people across Europe are still stereotyped, persecuted and oppressed. The flag's my nod to the culture behind the music - it's not a big thing but I think it matters.