Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Nazdrove 2nd anniversary flyer

Here's a low-quality image of another Nazdrove poster I made. I've actually done another since then which I can't find a picture of anywhere. Pretty into the continuing theme of red and black printing on cream paper, with that font (Red October off dafont.com). Although I think this is on bright white paper because Footprint were out of cream and I was doing it last minute, again.

Details you can't see on this tiddle pic - Black Flag badge, 'Play Fast, Dance Dirty' on the accordion, prison hand tattoos and Romany flag belt buckle. I try and get the Romany flag into most of my Nazdrove stuff because I think that gypsy culture gets ripped off pretty much wholesale and boiled down to gold teeth-trilby hats-fast music-Gogol Bordello with no regard to the fact that Roma people across Europe are still stereotyped, persecuted and oppressed. The flag's my nod to the culture behind the music - it's not a big thing but I think it matters.

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