Tuesday, 3 November 2009

creepy drawing

Here's a little picture I drew for a comic recently. I left it on my bed when I went out and managed to make myself start when I came back in and caught sight of it! Bit grim, having the reference photos for this one on my camera made me worry about leaving my camera on the train! The end comic was rushed but alright, it's in a new anthology which I'll write about soon.

Another Nazdrove flyer

Not much to say about this one. The person is actually me - I worked off a reference photo, thinking I'd have to change the face so it wasn't obvious. But I was a bit optimistic about my drawing skills, because it looks like nothing like me. Score! It's a 2 colour risograph print, done at Footprint the day before they got raided by the cops! Good timing. I drew the black layer, then drew the red layer on tracing paper with it all taped to a window to line it up. I drew one trumpet, taped it to the window and then rotated the paper so each one was identical. Unfortunately I started at twilight so it ended up being a bit of a race against time to get them pencilled in before dark...

A bit more detail from the original. The tshirt design is the Roma wheel, the arm tattoo is the matryoshka from here.