Monday, 3 October 2011

Fuck yeah!

My friend just got acquitted of conspiring to fight Nazis.

So I made a cake:

That is all.

Stop motion

I've been in America for two months - I got back last week and had one particularly jetlaggy night where I couldn't get off to sleep til 5am. I was awake enough in the mean time to finally get around to arranging an unfinished stop motion film to put online.

I made it in my flat with my cheap digital camera in Spring 2010. I took low-res photographs for each frame, then put them together using Windows Movie Maker. After years of thinking about making stop-motion films it was a revelation to realise that I already had the stuff I needed.

When I first started dreaming about stop-motion (age 11), you had to have a camcorder with a 'still' button. To be able to throw one together so easily is really exciting. I learned alot putting this one together and have lots of ideas. I just need more free time, it's so slow!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shape & Situate #2 contribution

Click for decent quality image...

This is my contribution to 'Shape and Situate #2', a zine of inspirational European women out soon. I made it for photocopying not scanning - the pen marks won't show up on the finished thing. You can read more about the legendary Jayaben Desai here. If you want a copy of the zine, comment here or search for it online innit.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Rest in Peace Vic

In memory of peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni, murdered yesterday in Gaza. A huge loss.

This image is copyleft, feel free to print out/ distribute. You can find a decent quality version by clicking on the picture, or get in touch. Love to all of Vic's friends and family.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finished my contribution to Ink For Aid last night - an auction of art and illustration to raise money for Japan. They're still after artwork to auction - search for them on Facebook or email if you're interested. I'll post auction dates when they're announced.

Japanese Knotweed - carbon paper + origami paper

nowt to add

sneaky peek

Next Nazdrove flyer... Bad Brains go to Russia... should be done soon

Bits and pieces

Chair recovered with shopping bag. Would have done it with all my chairs if it wasn't for the Morrison's logo.

A squid cake. Some tentacles lost on the walk to my friend's house. This contains so much sugar I felt sick for about 3 days after.

Playing at tattoos.
Ambulance supplies catalogue collage... let my friend count off the hours left of his student paramedic placement.


I've carved a few spoons over the years, but tend to be held back but having the wrong tools. These two are carved with a chisel and are unfinished until I can find a spoon gouge.

The smaller is carved out of birch I got from a woodpile in Finland. The larger one I can't remember...

This was the carnage left on my desk....

Virgin Maryness

A birthday present I made for a friend. The image is cut from a postcard I found in a bin in Barcelona. Made a frame out of cardboard then went wild with glue, glitter and sequins. Glueing sequins down with tweezers is very soothing.