Monday, 3 October 2011

Stop motion

I've been in America for two months - I got back last week and had one particularly jetlaggy night where I couldn't get off to sleep til 5am. I was awake enough in the mean time to finally get around to arranging an unfinished stop motion film to put online.

I made it in my flat with my cheap digital camera in Spring 2010. I took low-res photographs for each frame, then put them together using Windows Movie Maker. After years of thinking about making stop-motion films it was a revelation to realise that I already had the stuff I needed.

When I first started dreaming about stop-motion (age 11), you had to have a camcorder with a 'still' button. To be able to throw one together so easily is really exciting. I learned alot putting this one together and have lots of ideas. I just need more free time, it's so slow!

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