Saturday, 20 February 2010

New lino print

Made a lino print last week to go into a new zine I'm working on. Cutting it was the easy part; lining up the two colours was a niiiightmare. Had to invent 3 contraptions to align them, involving cardboard, tracing paper and lots of tape. Only the 3rd worked. Generally happy with how it turned out, although getting enough pressure to get a decent print involved putting my 4" thick paramedic textbook on top of the lino and paper, then standing on top of it and stamping on each corner.

The text is a quote by Charles Rennie Mackintosh which I like.

I'm planning my new zine to involve quite a bit of printing and hand-assembling - I'll probably regret that as I put 300 copies together - but I hope it'll turn out well. Although it took me all evening to make 30 copies of this print! But now I've worked out how to do it....

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